Tuesday, 7 June 2011

St Albans Half Marathon

This weekend it is St Albans half marathon, 7 years ago Kevin missed it because The Menace was born on the Saturday night! He had persuaded a group of people from the pub to run, then he conveniently missed it! This Sunday it is the Half Marathon and also The Menace's birthday its one of those firsts!

So a group of us are running it in memory of Kevin. I am quite humbled and gobsmacked (not a word I usually use) by the support of friends and also the money we have raised for Beating Bowel Cancer. I have got T-shirts for running from the charity, some are also walking and many of The Menace's friends are running the fun run with him. We are doing a charity event at the White Lion afterwards, with a raffle and kids activities and I have many T-shirts printed with Kevin's picture on. I am sure he would be delighted to think of himself as a fashion item! I wanted to use the picture of him wearing his "let's F*** Cancer", but somehow it seemed inappropriate for The Menace and his friends to wear that, so I opted for a tamer one!

I have now started to obsessively watch the weather forecast, I feel somehow responsible for it! I really just want the day to go well, partly to say thank you to all the support that has been offered, the team has been viral, it has grown, sponsorship has far exceeded my expectations - and also to help The Menace enjoy his birthday. He loves his new T-shirt, it has already been into school and come home thankfully. I have already had to wash it!

I suspect this will be a difficult day for him, but I hope that seeing everyone there to support his dad's charity will help him through. His teacher is running the fun run with him (as a friend) lots of people will be there to help him.


  1. Good luck and wish you best weather you can wish for. "let's F*** Cancer" indeed.