Monday, 16 September 2013


Once again, I have been very quiet.  I'm not ignoring you, its just I needed to think, and space to make some changes.  And I have made alot of changes.

The thing with change is it is necessary, but not always welcome.  When someone dies, you experience change, and others support you through it, but when you make changes yourself, this is your own decision and not necessarily one that others will like.  So, what have I changed?  Everything!

Having got together with Mr X, we decided to make a go of it and live together.  This is a big step for all, and therefore needed to work for us all.  Mr X is changing his lifestyle considerably by going from being a man about town, to a family man, and therefore needed some space to help him, and so we changed our place, school, job etc.

This may seem quite drastic, but I have a long past in St Albans, and therefore we decided to start somewhere new, to give us all a fresh start, so The Menace and I have moved into the big smoke and started a new adventure with Mr X.

This meant a new school for The Menace, he wasn't happy about that at first, but we did alot of looking around, found a school he liked and he joined the last week of the term.  We didn't move until the beginning of this term, but I wanted him to have knowledge of where he was going and something to look forwards to.

I also got a new job, and we have taken on a "project house" best way to describe it, so we can all literally and symbolically build our lives together.

Its all quite exciting but also very scary at the same time.

At the moment it feels like I threw everything I knew into the air, and have started from scratch with a whole new set of ideas, which sounds fun, and is, but is also quite stressful.  I will keep you posted as to how it all goes.  Here's to taking a deep breath and stepping forward...

That sounds really dramatic, but I hadn't realised how scared my experiences had made me, but I wasn't going to be beaten by it. It is easy to become crippled by worry and "what if's", there is a whole new adventure to be had, if you are willing to take it.  So I am the "new kid on the block", the "new mum in the playground", the "new person at work", do smile and say hi!  And yes, I am ready to come back to you all, and be chatty again.

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